Ford wireless CarPlay

Enjoy wireless CarPlay in your Ford.

Done connecting your phone every time with CarPlay via the cable? With our wireless module, cables are history. The Wireless CarPlay module will connect to your phone in seconds. Enjoy wireless connection and CarPlay in your Ford when using your phone. For payment, quick charing or just to keep your phone in your pocket when you go for a quick drive.

Ford Wireless Carplay

Upgrade your Ford CarPlay to wireless

Our Wireless modules will update your existing Ford CarPlay with the wireless function. Seamlessly access your iPhone on your vehicle's touchscreen without having to connect a cable every time. We cover 98% procent of the Ford vehicles from year 2017.

Example: Ford Fiesta, Ford Puma, Ford Focus, Ford Kuga,

Features :
Original steering wheel control
Navigation controlĀ 
Play Wireless Music

Siri voice control

Super easy installation. No need for adaptations or changes to you car. Plugin the Wireless Connect module into the existing usb connection, pair your phone once to the module and you done. When entering the car next time the connection will automatically established.

Wireless CarPlay Streaming

Stream wireless music and navigation with perfect connection. Keep your phone in any place and enjoy automatic connection with your car. High Quality bluetooth and wifi connection keeps your data synced with your CarPlay device and your phone.

Connecting to your CarPlay device was never that easy. The connections just works. Are you ready to say goodbye to messy cables and connecting your phone every time to the car system. Update your car today with the newest wireless CarPlay function. Keep your car clean and enjoy the comfort.