Auto mulitimedia solutions

Done connecting your phone every time with CarPlay via the cable? With our wireless box solutions cables are history. The Wireless Apple CarPlay box will connect to your phone in seconds. Enjoy wireless connection and CarPlay when using your phone. For payment, quick charing or just to keep your phone in your pocket when you go for a quick drive.

CarPlay & Android auto Solution for existing manufacturers

  • Wireless CarPlay keep you phone in your pocket.
  • Easy setup and connection.
  • Safe time and money on cables.
  • We cover 98% of the cars.​

* You can test our produtcs within 14 days.

Looking for a wireless CarPlay Solution?

Our Wireless boxes will update your existing CarPlay with the wireless function. Seamlessly access your iPhone on your vehicle's touchscreen without having to connect a cable every time. Super easy installation. Just plugin the Wireless Connect Box into the existing usb and you done. We cover 98% procent of the vehicles. Like Audi, VW, Skoda, Nissan, Toyota

High-Quality Audio solutions

Don't give up on connection quality. Our products have been tested for the best sound possible. Have High-quality stream and app support.

  • Bluetooth Connection
  • Wireless Wifi Connection

Wireless CarPlay Solution